Top best dishes from around the world

As once George Bernard Shaw said: “there is No love sincerer than the love of food”. With this it is hard to disagree. Culinary explorations what people prefer? What products and dishes are the most delicious?

Ilive presents the top 50 dishes and foods popular in different parts of the globe.

If you zasobiralis around the world, don’t forget to bring this list. We are sure that you will definitely come in handy!

50. Popcorn, USA

Especially Americans like to treat yourself to popcorn while watching some interesting film, scooping handfuls of your favorite treat. Incidentally, there are about a hundred varieties of popcorn orange popcorn, popcorn–Amaretto, chocolate popcorn, popcorn with nuts – and these are just a few varieties of sweet popcorn, not to mention equally delicious with spicy and salty flavors.

49. Masala dosa, India

Exotic Indian cuisine has something to amaze visitors of the country. People fall into another world of taste and visual. The most popular dish, which is a feature of the South Indian dishes – Masala dosa, a thin rice pancake of fermented flour. It is served with coconut chutney (sauce). Inside pancakes – a filling of potatoes and cabbage.

48. Potato chips, USA

There are chips in 1853, when the chef of the restaurant decided to teach disaffected “too fat potatoes” of the client. The potatoes he had prepared, was no thicker than a sheet of paper and very much demanding visitor. Since invented accidentally chips the whole world.

47. Paella with seafood, Spain

Spanish paella cooked differently, each province has its own recipe of this dish strapona. But, of course, the main components of paella are rice, tomatoes and olive oil.

46. Som Tam, Thailand

Delicious Thai salad. Prepared in a special mortar, where it is mixed papaya, carrot, garlic, peanuts, green beans and tomatoes. Distinctive taste to the salad give fish sauce and lime juice. Oh, I almost forgot! And, of course, lots of chili, without them anywhere.

45. Chicken rice, Singapore

This is often called the national dish in Singapore. The chicken is boiled or steamed and put on top of a fragrant seasoned rice. As a garnish use a cucumber or a salad. This creation of Thai cooks is considered one of the least spicy dishes.

44. Putin, Canada

Do not rush to associate this dish with the Russian President, to him it has not the slightest relationship, and the accent in this word falls on the last syllable. Actually, the canadian Putin is nothing like a potato with curd cheese and gravy. In translation, this word means “mess”, which is not surprising, because the dish can include a variety of additional ingredients. The Canadians say that special purpose Putin delivers after several bottles of beer.

43. Taco, Mexico

Or as an option – tacos. It is a corn or flour tortilla wrapped into a tube and stuffed with a variety of products, such as sausages, cheese, cactus, onion, corn, fruit mixes, etc on Top of the pancake can be covered with guacamole (a sauce made from the pulp of the avocado). Tacos are perfect for Breakfast. It is for this reason that no visitor of Mexico have not left the country with less weight than on arrival.

42. Toast with butter and Marmite, Britain

Actually Marmite is a waste of beer production, which the German chemist Justus Liebig invented to use as a protein-rich paste. It has a thick consistency and very salty to the taste. It is a treat for the fan – it can be love or hate for life. But especially loyal fans of Marmite toast on top of such a can and put a layer of marmalade. Yum-yum, in a word.

41. Stinky tofu, Southeast Asia

Yeah, the name is not appetizing, but it does not interfere with the gourmet to classify it to the most refined products of South-East Asia. The smell of fermented tofu (namely, through this process the cheese so “fragrant”) is so unbearable that sometimes memories of him have unaccustomed to such Exotica people a few months. That is why this type of tofu is not allowed to trade on the streets – try it only in restaurant. But is it worth it to experience such a culinary shock? Yes, this legendary taste is worth it.

40. Marzipan, Germany

The main thing is not to be mistaken for cheap imitations, which use soy paste or almond essence. Real marzipan is a combination of powdered almonds with powdered sugar. A dessert so tasty that, without noticing it, you can eat a serious amount of Goodies. The marzipan king is considered the city of lübeck, where the ancient recipe of sweets kept in the strictest confidence.
39. Ketchup, USA

Even if Malcolm Gladwell is a famous canadian journalist and sociologist says that it is a perfect food, so it is. The Americans are crazy about the tomatoes served as the impetus for the invention of ketchup in the 19th century.

38. French toast, Hong Kong

After the meal with the French toast does not hurt to check cholesterol levels.

Two fried toast generously smeared with jam or peanut butter and served with a good dose of syrup (maple, strawberry or Apple).

37. Chicken Parmesan, Australia

This Italian dish is prepared Australians so well, as if they themselves invented it. Chicken fillet, thickly filled in with the melted Parmesan and mozzarella, with spicy garlic-tomato sauce – mmm… just yum!

36. BBQ, Texas

Each state has developed distinctive traditions of cooking barbecue. Americans love to enjoy a dish with the aroma of the fire. However, in different places and grills are different. For example, in Tennessee in awe of the ribs, in North Carolina the meat after roasting, crumble and make a sandwich, and in Kentucky and no matter what kind of meat to cook, the main thing is the signature marinade. Well, finally, Texas. Here trifles does not become solid pork steak, generously covered with spicy salsa – that’s the way to relax in nature!

35. Chili crab, Singapore

You cannot visit Singapore and not try the local bestseller – Chile-crab.

The crab is immersed in a sauce made from various spices, eggs and rice flour. To finish the sauce with a spoon, you will not be able to come to the aid of hot rolls that are traditionally served with the dish.

34. Maple syrup, Canada

Have you ever tried to eat pancakes without maple syrup? It is like eating a piece of cardboard. Undercooked cardboard. So say residents of Canada and are very proud of their traditional dishes.

33. Fish with fries, UK

Inexpensive and nutritious, originating from 1860. During the first world – unpretentious food that helped to avoid famine for the poorest segments of society.

Fish, deep fried with crispy fries potatoes, still holds the position and is an integral part of English cuisine.

32. Ankimo, Japan

Damn delicious! Yes, Yes, fucking, because Ankimo prepared from the liver of a monkfish. This dish is considered a delicacy in Japan.

31. Parma ham, Italy

Among the cured hams of Parma, of course, the Queen. A distinctive feature of her Majesty’s (by the way, original Parma ham is marked by stamp with the image of a five-pointed crown of the Duchy of Parma) is a fragile structure and a delicate pink color.

30. GOI Quan, Vietnam

This appetizer is very common in Vietnam. Rice roll with meat filling – pancake in fact – is served at room temperature.

29. Omi-Gyu, Japan

Famous gourmet Wagyu beef has conquered even the Japanese Imperial family. Marble streaks in the meat are saturated with unsaturated fats (such here a tautology). The Japanese argue that to fully enjoy the tender taste of meat can only in raw form.

28. Pho, Vietnam

Aromatic, with a slight spicy flavor soup with rice noodles. The smell of the grass tickling your nostrils and stimulates the appetite.

27. Smoked meat, Montreal

Best smoked meat in North America you can taste only here! And name this place “Schwartz”s Deli”, the restaurant, which in 1928 was opened by Reuben Schwartz, a Jewish immigrant from Romania. Meat, marinated with herbs and spices, smoked in the smoke, famous throughout the world.

26. Fajitas or Fajitas, Mexico

Fajitas – a godsend for enthusiasts that are prepared under the motto “think of yourself”.

This hearty dish is a wheat cake and fillings of meat with various additives. Its main feature is that the filling and tortilla are living separate lives. Everyone can choose what to wrap in a tortilla.

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