FOOD! How much of this sound for the Russian heart merged… so Let me rephrase that famous line from Pushkin, the poet in us will not be offended, because the great of this world, too, loved to eat. About this very convincingly expressed the outstanding master of word — George Bernard Shaw: “there is No love sincerer than the love of food”. It is hard not to agree. Judging by the variety of dishes in the culinary world, the literary figure was right.

Some of the meals we eat to live, others — in order to enjoy their taste, and because I will never forgive you if you don’t try delicacy. What dishes can be attributed to the category of the MOST DELICIOUS? Options on this — as much as you like – it all depends on personal taste and preferences. However, there is no doubt that served the best food in the restaurant.

Disputes, which the the most delicious food is endless. Reputable institutions tried to determine the ratings of the most delicious dishes, but opinions differ and are constantly challenged by gourmets. Wherefore, “boyar” is rightly a restaurant with good food have allowed themselves to conduct their own quality dishes. It is You, our dear guests, expressing their preferences, have made the TOP 10 the most delicious dishes from around the world. So, we offer you a culinary rating of the ten best dishes in the world according to the Boyarsky restaurant. Start our delicious journey!

The RENDANG — Indonesian kitchen


The Rendang is a meat dish. Tender beef cooked in coconut milk with herbs lemongrass, turmeric, chilli, garlic and ginger. The Malays were preparing the Rendang in the sixteenth century. Something like the Boyarsky restaurant offers its visitors – “beef in cream sauce” from our chef – a masterpiece of culinary art.

LASAGNA – Italian food

The lasagna, the regulars of our restaurant put in second place, unanimously stating that this is the most delicious and popular dish in the world. Italian lasagna – a layer cake with filling and delicate dough, classic pesto sauce and Parmesan sprinkles — without competition overtook traditional pizza. A delicacy prepared by the ancient Romans, from Italian it translates as “hot plate”. In lasagna you can add anything you like: beef stew, vegetables, herbs and legumes. Want to try this lasagna? Come to the most delicious restaurant in Moscow – “boyar” we are pleased to give You a good Italian dinner.

FONDUE is Swiss cuisine

Who, even once tried fondue with melted cheese, he will remember these moments all life, this explained their preference for gourmets, giving Swiss dish third place. Common pot over an open fire, small pieces of bread, elegantly mounted on long forks, dipped in soft cheese mass is an extravaganza of gustatory pleasure. Gourmet sauce: a blend of natural Swiss cheese, nutmeg, garlic and a strong 40% Kirsch – nothing of the sort!

SUSHI Japanese cuisine

Today this dish is eating the whole world, the Japanese say that sushi is the perfect marriage of fish and rice. History sushi originated from the VII century – the most affordable Japanese products turned into a national dish. Delicious, and in fact, can be simple, so ordinary boiled rice with a spicy seasoning that hides a piece of seafood that was delicious roll.

PEKING DUCK in Chinese cuisine

In the XIV century, the personal physician to the Chinese Emperor of the Yuan has appointed the monarch duck, rubbed with honey and baked under a layer of the liver, as a healthy and balanced meal. Sweet sauce Hoisin and tangerine scones complemented the delicious dish. Since then, Peking duck does not leave consumers indifferent. That’s why grocery stores give Peking duck in fifth place. We will add that no less delightful, Boyarsky served char-grilled chicken.

CAESAR SALAD – North American cuisine

“Caesar” with chicken

It is difficult to understand why our guests have chosen from thousands of Caesar salads it is, but sixth place is given to him! Tender chicken, croutons and salad leaves under Worcester sauce really captivated gourmets all over the world. In 20-ies of the last century the American chef Caesar Cardini revealed to the world this snack, since it does not come with a menu of the finest restaurants in the world.

STEAK “DIANE” — American kitchen

In the middle of the last century, American restaurateurs have offered special steak of the deer meat, seasoned with spicy wine sauce. Named it after the Greek goddess of hunting — Diana. The easy combination of the sweet meat and tart sauce is a flavoring support consumers appreciated. Steaks in the kitchen of the world – a great many, and each in his own good.

CHOP – the European kitchen

The eighth row our visitors gave otryvnym, adding here the same cutlets, schnitzels, veal escalopes, rissoles, four of a kind – that is an excellent piece of meat cooked in boiling oil. Seasoned only with salt and pepper, and sometimes a sauce, chop – coveted dish of all real men. Top the crispy crust but inside the meat juice – the dream of a meat-eater!

PLOV is Central Asian cuisine

Information about pilaf appeared in Indian literature, II-III centuries BC – this is probably the most ancient dish, I must say that analogs pilaf is virtually every national cuisine. In Italy it’s risotto, from the French of Miraton, the Spanish call it paella. In Sanskrit “pilaf” means “boiled rice”. In Moscow many connoisseurs of pilaf, of course, it can be ordered in our restaurant.

LOBSTER – the English kitchen

No wonder lobsters are considered the most favorite dish of the British Queen. They are also called lobster and crawfish. Large crustaceans, boiled in salted water and served with sauce – a favorite delicacy of seafood lovers. In the history of cookery made hundreds of recipes for cooking lobster with mushrooms and vegetables, rice and soup.

And You already tried everything listed above, from the quality of the dishes according to restaurant consultants? If not, this could be one reason to go to the Danilov embankment. The gourmet restaurant “Boyarskiy” 24 hours open for their guests, 24 hours we are ready to feed You the most delicious food!

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