The recipes are Delicious and Simple Salads for Every Day of the Week

One of global problems of modernity — balanced diet. The hostess usually restrict the diet of family and friends is the same simple dishes. Day after day on the table the same products. That’s depressing! But don’t despair. Is there an easy way without expensive overseas delicacies to diversify your diet. “Minimum calories – maximum benefit” is the motto of home cooking.

Will restock homemade diet of vegetables, fruits, fresh greens. They have a huge advantage. For example:

Improves intestinal flora

Reduce groovetune

Stabilize the body weight

They are high in fiber, etc.

Thus, using traditional vegetables, herbs and roots You 7 days a week to delight your family impeccable light salads.

Monday — Green salad with sour cream and egg

300g. green salad, 1 cucumber, 2 eggs. Cup filling from sour cream with vinegar.

Washed and dried lettuce cut into small pieces and place in a bowl. Hard-boiled eggs cut into thin slices and mix with dressing of sour cream with vinegar. Before serving green salad with a mixture of eggs and sour cream, put in a salad bowl, decorate with slices of fresh cucumbers and sprinkled with finely chopped parsley or dill.

Tuesday— Salad of spinach and cucumbers

300g. spinach, 200g. fresh cucumber, 2-3 stems green onions, 100g. yogurt or mayonnaise, parsley, salt to taste.

Wash in running water of fresh young spinach and finely chop. Add the chopped green onions and diced cucumbers. Add salt, mix well. Salad serve with whipped yogurt or mayonnaise. Serve, sprinkled with finely chopped parsley.

Wednesday — Salad from fresh cabbage with carrots and radish

300g. cabbage 75g. carrots (1pc.), 100g. radish 1 parsley root, pepper, 1 onion, juice of 1/2 lemon, sugar, vegetable oil — 3 tablespoons, salt to taste.

Half head of cabbage chop finely and pour over boiling water, raw carrots, radishes, parsley root grate, add salt, sprinkle red pepper, add the chopped onion. Acidified with lemon juice or citric acid. Salt to taste, add sugar, season with vegetable oil.

Thursday — cucumber Salad with beets

400g. fresh cucumbers, 150 g. beets, 100g. nuts, 100g. mayonnaise, 30g. green onions, salt to taste.

Beets grate on a coarse grater, add lemon juice, warm up 4-5 min And cooled. Cucumbers cut into sticks, mix with beets, crushed walnuts. salt, pour mayonnaise and sprinkle with green onions.

Friday — carrot Salad

4 carrots, 3 apples, 1 bunch of green onions, 150g. mayonnaise.

Apples and carrots to RUB on a small grater, finely chop the green onions. Put in a deep dish of layers of equal thickness (2-3cm) green onions, apples, carrots. Top pour mayonnaise.

Saturday — vegetable Salad with spicy seasoning

4 tomatoes, 4 cucumber, 50g. lettuce and onions, 2-3 carrots.

Seasoning: 100g. vegetable oil, 100g. vinegar, 100g. water, 4 cloves of garlic, red and black pepper, add salt to taste.

Garlic finely chop, add red and black pepper, and salt. Pour in vegetable oil, cooled boiled water, vinegar, stir, let stand. Sliced fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, lettuce and green onions chop thin strips, slice the carrots, mix everything and season with spicy seasoning cooked.

Sunday — beet Salad with plums

2 small beets, pomegranate juice, 1 Cup fresh or compote of plums, sugar, sour cream.

Washed beets peel and grate, mix with plums, remove seeds, fill with sour cream and pomegranate juice with sugar so that the lettuce has acquired a sour taste.

As you can see in a rational, balanced and varied diet – it’s easy! Create masterpieces – amaze your friends and loved ones!

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