The recipe is simple and delicious salad “Abarca” with meat

From year to year on new year’s table, and in most of the other holidays, fantasy different Housewives does not go beyond simple Olivier. For those simple salads are pretty fed up and want to somehow diversify the feast, like have obzhorka salad recipe with meat. This recipe has as its advantages a combination of the same qualities as satiety and sophistication. The meat in this salad you can use a variety of different things, but there will be described the beef. Ease of preparation is also an undeniable argument to the appearance of this salad on your table. To prepare this salad you will need the following:

A pound of beef;

The mayonnaise that you like

A pair of pickles;

A pair of onion bulbs;

Black pepper ground;

Three small carrots;


Vegetable oil;

So, start cooking, first thing you will need to cook the meat. Abarca salad with meat is distinguished by its tenderness, so the meat, in our case it’s beef, should be cooked so that all the juiciness remained, and the meat became soft. How to do it? The secret in essence is simple. Beef does not should be put to cook in cold water. Dodicesimo the water boils and only then throw the meat. To add salt to it while cooking. Thus, for three hours on low heat it will be what you need. Once beef is cooked, cool it in order not to popecia, and only then cut into cubes.

No salad with meat obarka is not without pickles. It can be said that a particular mystery is the secret of taste. They should be cut into cubes and put in a place for a stack of juice, you can suggest for this case a simple sieve.

Onions should be chopped and fried until Golden brown traditionally. Fry it in sunflower oil. The salad should not be excess oil, so put the prepared onions in a sieve.

Next you need to peel the carrots with a grater with large holes. Also like bow, she must undergo heat treatment in the roasting, but not until Golden brown and soft. After that, it is also recommended to put on a strainer to get rid of excess oil.

So, everything is ready, it remains to be decomposed in layers. The first layer should be a carrot, followed by the onions evenly, then the meat itself, our cucumbers and in the end, all smeared with mayonnaise. Salt and pepper are added in relation to your taste.

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