The rarest and most expensive dishes in the world

The kitchen, as usual, is considered to be the hallmark of any country. Travelers and tourists do not deny yourself the pleasure to try something new and exotic. The dishes selected specially for you, distinguished primarily for its uniqueness. Try at least one of these dishes, and you can consider yourself a real foodie, this meal is the most unusual and often most expensive in the world.

Soup from swallow’s nests

This soup is not only the rarest but also the most exotic dish on the ground. The cost of this soup is about 10 thousand dollars.

To prepare such cookies, the insects are boiled first in boiling water, are dried and are mixed with the dough, then baked cookies themselves.

Blue dumplings

Part of a unique blue ravioli is tender veal, salmon, pork and filet fish-the torch that lives at great depth. This fillet has a high concentration of iron, so the dumplings become like this specific blue color.

London, UK

Ice cream with liquid nitrogen

To make this ice cream, takes any mixture for its preparation and filled with 500 milliliters of idahoapache enamelware. Importantly, then very quickly stir until fully hardened!

White truffles

Unknown the price of one kilogram of this rare product, because each truffle is sold separately. A single truffle costs about a thousand dollars apiece.

Monkey brains

Now this dish attracts more and more tourists to Indonesia. The exact price is unknown, but the dish is very common, and can be enjoyed in popular restaurants.

Cheesecake crocodile

The owners of the cafe in New Orleans, Louisiana, came up with an unusual savoury cake recipe where the main ingredient was crocodile meat.

Marbled beef

This is the meat of cows, Wagyu. These animals are surrounded by the most favorable conditions, feed them the best and most fragrant herbs give the beer and even sake. For a long time these cows bred only in Japan, but now Wagyu in Australia. 200 grams of marbled beef in the restaurants of Europe costs about a hundred dollars.

Cactus “Prickly pear”

Removing the sharp thorns, the cactus can be eaten in any form — raw, baked, boiled, fried and even frozen.

Fried tarantulas

What would there not talking about Cambodia, food in this country enough, so the cooking of spiders was not an act of desperation.

Travel the world and do not forget to delight yourself with exotic dishes, because the best way to learn more about the peoples and their traditions — to try their food!

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