The ranking of the most expensive dishes in the world

We may not live, but still, I think many will be very interesting a list of the most expensive meals that you can enjoy on our planet. Next, you will be able to know what feed the rich and noble men, due to the rating of the most expensive meals.

1. The Breakfast of aristocrats is quite common for the omelette. Nothing ordinary at first glance, but is actually the most expensive omelet in the world is it’s only a thousand dollars. The composition of this dish includes chicken, six eggs, an entire lobster, as well as three hundred grams of black sevruga caviar. Here is such a hearty Breakfast turns out. You can enjoy a mega – expensive omelet in the restaurant that belongs to a hotel LeParker Meridien located in new York.

2. If you see a mushroom like this, you’re not quite a poor man! However, to find the truffles very difficult, as they grow exclusively underground, quite deep. Produce these special mushrooms with the participation of pigs and dogs that are specially trained. The truffle is quite small, but the price of these natural gifts is very high! Once at the auction the king of gambling Stanley Ho shelled out the mushrooms for approximately three hundred and thirty thousand dollars. In this purchase he was so impressed that a year later he repeated buy, by the way, for the same price!

3. Even millionaires love fast food.However, for the rich envisaged in the special burgers. A sandwich for the wealthy is called FleurBurger5000. It includes a cake made from juicy Kobe beef, which is mixed with foie Gras and covered with a sauce of expensive truffles. All served on fresh brioche bun accompanied by truffles. The name of this Burger was not invented with the simple, it is possible to know the price for this gourmet Burger, which is FIVE thousand dollars! In addition to the sandwich, you will receive a gift and a bottle of wine Salopettes.

4. The list of the most expensive foods on the planet and is one of the widows of tea, because the big money or maybe this desire to experience that thirst can only be valuable drink. This kind of tea is called da Hong PAO (big Red robe), and get it from the bushes that grow only in one single corner of our planet, namely in China, near the monastery of Tianjin, far away in the mountains. This drink is incredibly expensive and rare due to the fact that the average for the whole year it is mined in quantities not exceeding one kilogram. The taste of this precious tea is so wonderful that true connoisseurs, and part very wealthy people willing to shell out MILLIONS of dollars per kilogram of this wonderful beverage!

This drink was a really interesting story. One day the President of the United States, which at the time was Nixon, during his visit to China as a gift gave fifty grams of this precious tea. Nixon decided that he just want to insult that way. But, after he explained that at that moment in his arms was almost half of the reserves within easy reach of all China, of course, he was delighted and accepted the gift. It should be noted that the cost of this special tea in the quantities in which it was presented to the President, our money is about two hundred and fifty thousand American dollars!

5. Well, in the opinion of the rating can not be said about the desserts! The most expensive desertikom in the world is a “Golden cake” that is cooked in one of the restaurants of Istanbul. The recipe exactly to disclose, of course, no one will, but here’s the approximate composition of this incredibly expensive delicacies known. It includes French black truffles, Polynesian vanilla beans, figs, quince, apricots and pears. In this case, all the components of this cake is pre-marinated in Jamaican rum for years!

The name cupcake was given to him not just because a top treat covered dvadtsatiletnej carat gold, which is absolutely edible and in no way does harm to the digestion. Moreover, by purchasing this special treat, you will receive a cake in a box made of silver (handmade!). Stoitmost “Golden cupcake” is appropriate, and is only a thousand dollars!

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