The most spicy food in the world

1. Hot Suicide Wings

Hot Suicide Wings – literally translated means hot suicidal wings. Robin Rosenberg, chef of one of Chicago’s taverns, he was still wisecracking. Chicken wings cooking dare to try a few. The fact that brand wings Rosenberg – the spicy chicken wings in the world!

The dish is so acute that before you try, the tenant will have to sign a document stating that he will not sue the tavern for any physical complications. Chicken wings prepared with one of the most acute in the world of peppers – Savina. The man, who wished to taste this dish, you need will be provided to emergency services: the servers are always kept at the ready “antidote” – sour cream, milk sugar and white bread.

The idea of submission of one of the most pungent dishes in the world, Robin harbored for many years. “Of course, for many this is not an acceptable dish, but maybe there is a person to whom it will bring true pleasure,” says cook.

2. Bollywood Burner

London Indian restaurant claims a place in the Guinness book of records in the category “the most spicy dish on the planet.” According to restaurant chefs, a dish of lamb, sauce-rich curry powder and the hot pepper in the world –certainly the most spicy dish on our planet.

This masterpiece is called “Bollywood Burner”. In the main menu it is not. Served one hell of a dish solely for special order. Who wants to taste this morsel, shall give a receipt in the presence of the employees of the restaurant, which confirms that ordering a dish of it in the event of unforeseen hazardous tastings, takes full responsibility.

It is known that in the southern province of India Hyderabadi cuisine is particularly acute and, according to experts, the British curry isn’t like any hot sauce they have ever tasted. This curry uses the sharp plant in nature – the Naga pepper. On a scale of Scoville (the scale of the “Hotness of peppers”), its acuteness exceed 850 000 units. For comparison, widely used in Mexican cuisine, the Tabasco pepper has a pungency only 800 units, and the “pepper spray” – tear the tool used by U.S. police – 2 000 000 units.

Phaal is an Indian dish. It is considered the most spicy curry in the country. Paul is a sauce that is prepared from 10 kinds of peppers, the main of which is the so-called Bhūta of Alicia in the Guinness Book of records he is listed as the most spicy pepper on earth!

The huge popularity of Bhaal bought in new York when the owner of one of the restaurants included it in their menu. As a result, the visitors of the restaurant, once you have tried phaal, then began to bring their friends so that they too tried such a spicy dish.

4. The infamous hot pot

“The infamous hot pot” – a very spicy dish that is cooked in a Chinese restaurant in China itself. Why this dish got its name, history is silent. However, in China there are legends that once this dish was an attribute of some sadomasochistic ritual in this country.

The owner of the restaurant says that despite strong warnings about the spice, he continues to watch as visitors clutching their stomachs after the first spoonful.

5. Australian Chile

No one knows how to cook really spicy food so, as Australians. Specific chilli sauce, which is made in Australia, considered one of the most pungent dishes in the world.

Those who want to try it “slightly” spicy dish ever in the queue is not lined up. Add a drop to any great dish is possible, but to take and eat “clean” sauce is not.

When cooking this Chile pepper is used, called “naga jolokia”, the same one that is used in a London restaurant Indian cuisine, referred above.

In Australia, finally found the same wanting to be famous and to swallow even itself Chile, and his fiery component. Characters name Ryan Duke and Alex Fanning. Fortunately, the children survived. Impressions of heroes are about the same: they are not going to try IT a second time, but terribly proud of myself!

Mexican Tabasco sauce known around the world. However the most popular is the easiest variant – Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce (600-1200 Scoville).

The most acute of sauces – Tabasco Habanero Sauce. His fortress – of 5000-7000 Scoville that is 10 times the fortress Tabasco Green. Apart from the outrageous to the layman spice, this sauce has a complicated recipe, its roots from Jamaican cuisine. Tabasco Habanero is composed of vinegar, pepper, Habanero (one of the most acute varieties in the world), cane sugar, regular Tabasco sauce, salt, mango pulp, tamarind, banana, papaya, tomato, dried onion, garlic, spices and aged in oak barrels for pepper Tabasco.

Tabasco Habanero is just perfect for drinking with vodka (no pepper vodka can not be compared with a drop of habanero in the glass) and is intended to serve as seasoning for exotic cuisines like African, Caribbean, and Mexican.

7. Couscous with lamb and vegetables

Couscous is a staple food in the Maghreb, particularly in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. Also distributed in other parts of Africa, France, the Sicilian province of Trapani in Italy, and some regions of the Middle East.

Couscous exists in many versions, and not all of them acute. There’s couscous with fish, sweet and even vegetarian couscous. A lot of pepper is added to couscous with lamb. The combination of ingredients in this couscous is the most fiery dish. Not surprisingly, loves his magrebine and Africans are much more active and cheerful their Northern neighbors.

As a rule, couscous is prepared on the basis of semolina from durum wheat. Traditionally, couscous is cooked women, but because cooking couscous is very time-consuming process.

8. Watermelon Mexican

To start a fire in your mouth and turn a man into a dragon… maybe a watermelon. But not just any watermelon, but the watermelon, cooked in a special way – Mexican. In Mexico, where most of the dishes are downright breathe hot pepper, do not forget about the watermelon.

Here it is abundantly flavored with pepper, sprinkle with salt and pour lime juice. The taste of this dish is very specific and many people think it is just an incredible yuck: if salty watermelons in Russia in some places practiced, peppered watermelon just looks perverted. However, this dish are the spicy lovers.

9. Mama Africa

Mama Africa is a South African sauces. Tabasco fans compared to fans of “Mama Africa”; just angelic sweet tooth. Mama Africa Habanero makes you cry even the staunchest fans of the spicy taste. Unsurprisingly – it is 22 thousand Scoville! Especially sympathetic to ordinary people gourmets advise to even sniff this sauce from afar!

In the sauce composition Mama Africa includes fruits, fresh chili, carrot, onion, garlic, green pepper, lemon juice. And to give a spicy taste are added fresh and dried spices: coriander, Basil, oregano, ginger, black pepper and mint.

The most acute are considered as “Mama Africa Habanero”, “Mama Africa with red chili”, “Mama Africa chilli mint”.

This dish hails from Korea. Kimchi is a sharply flavored pickled vegetables primarily cabbage. Pickled cabbage seasoned with red pepper, onion, garlic and ginger.

In Korea, kimchi is considered the main dish, without which no cost, no meal. Koreans believe that moderate consumption of kimchi promotes the resorption of fat. So for someone this spicy dish looks like diet. It is also believed that spicy kimchi is a good cough remedy.

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