The most popular dishes of Tatar cuisine

Dough, meat, various vegetables, snacks and sweets — this is only a small part of the rich diversity that is famous Tatar cuisine. The most popular dishes of Tatar cuisine: pilaf, and pastry.

Kystybyi on tatarski is one of the most simple and delicious treats, which are prepared in almost every home. Thin flat cake of unleavened dough stuffed with mashed potatoes is perfect for your daily menu, and for honoring important guests.

Traditional dishes include the hot dish of potatoes and meat. Potatoes cleaned and cut into large wedges, boil until done and spread on top of grilled meat with vegetables. Although the dish is very simple and does not require special skills, it turns out very tasty and hearty.

National Tatar cuisine differs not only originality of the cooking, but also design ready-made treats. Meals are prepared mostly from simple and affordable products: flour, cereals, meat and vegetables. Despite this, in finished form these simple treats will not be called. Juicy and flavorful chicken meat stuffed with eggs with milk — a dish that is traditionally served on a festive table.

Chulpa with tomcom soup with a subtle nartanasala noodles from flour and eggs, is a traditional Tatar food. This hot dish is prepared as on weekdays, and served on a festive table. The feature of the cooking of this food is the secret to homemade noodles.

Traditional Tatar cuisine drinks are tea, ayran and brew from rye flour and malt. Tea is usually served articles of butter and sweet dough.

Belesh is one of the oldest dishes that is still accepted to cook for any family celebration. Pieces of meat may be lamb, beef, well roasted and baked together with potatoes and in a large ceramic pot. Meat is not only used in daily menu but also harvested for future use. It makes a tasty sausage kazylyk, dried and salted. Among the second courses the most popular are the treats made of meat and dough.

Tatar cuisine is considered one of the richest in the world. Popular products are made of various types of pastry: pies, cakes, bread, sweets. The second most famous dish is plov from various types of cereals, fresh, fried and boiled meat. In addition, in the Tatar table you will always be able to find plenty of spices and fresh herbs, which is usually served as a set meal or separately.

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