The most expensive restaurants in the world

Each year, the restaurant guide Michelin is a list of the best restaurants in the world. Experts estimate everything – from the taste of the dishes and temperature of the plates on which they served, to the color of the walls and the ceiling in the hall. Today we will talk about the most expensive restaurants in the world . who said picky criticism. In these places it space, but still many people want to go there. After dinner in a restaurant is not just a meal, it is a real gastronomic adventure!

The Restaurant Sublimation (“Sublimes”) (Ibiza)

First place in the top ranks “Sublimus”. This little restaurant seats 12 people is Paradise for lovers of noisy parties on the island of Ibiza.

The school awarded several Michelin stars, is located in the hotel Hard Rock in Playa de Bossa. The restaurant’s menu a total of 20 dishes, which are prepared using unique recipes with the use of some space technology. They say that visitors when you taste this wonderful food, experience incredible storm of emotions. Impression and enhances the unique interior of the restaurant. If you too want to experience these unimaginable emotional distress, go to Ibiza and be prepared that the check for a meal you will not less than 2000 dollars.

The Restaurant Sublimation

Underwater restaurant “Ithaa”(Ithaa Undersea Restaurant) (Maldives)

Another unique restaurant, by the way, according to critics, the most beautiful in the world, located in Maldives. The facility is located 5 meters below the Indian ocean: above the heads of the visitors, a huge water column and is surrounded by fabulous coral gardens. Exotics not only around, but also on the plate: here you can taste the ROE of reef fish and fillet cows rare breed Aberdeen Angus.

A set six course menu excluding drinks and tip costs about 320 dollars, and the average bill per person is about $ 500. By the way, the restaurant has a dress code!

In the heart of Paris is a luxury restaurant of the legendary chef Alain Ducasse. Here, the visitor is like in the Palace of the French monarchs: crystal chandeliers, graceful marble, real bronze, and the Windows offer a fabulous view of the Tuileries garden. Foodies from around the world come here to try the legendary pie of Guinea fowl, sweet veal, lobster with potatoes and chocolate, cooked with a unique recipe. For lunch, three gourmet meals and the opportunity to taste several varieties of cheese and desserts will have to pay 524 USD. Drinks, of course, are paid separately.

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