The most expensive dishes and drinks in the world

The world’s most expensive nut – macadamia . The height of the macadamia tree reaches 40 meters, it bears fruit up to 100 years. Because of the difficulties with breeding and production of the delicacy of his produce not more than 40 tons per year. The cost of one kilogram of macadamia exceeds $ 30.

The most expensive caviar in the world – Beluga caviar-albino . Almas, occasionally exported from Iran. One hundred grams of caviar, Packed in a jar of pure gold, will cost about 2 thousand dollars.

the world’s most expensive potato “La Bonnotte”. Resourceful peasants living on the island Normate annually collect not more than 100 tons of varieties of “La Bonnotte” per year. As divine tuber (and according to the legend, this is the sort of brought the Supreme God of the Incas) exclusively gentle, be collected only manually. The most expensive potato costs about 500 euros per kilo.

The world’s most expensive meat – marbled beef from Japanese cows, Wagyu. For centuries these cows bred only in Japan, near the city of Kobe, treated them respectfully and fed only the best herbs, as well as daily rubbed sake and drank beer. For a long time the Japanese did not export cattle for breeding, however now Wagyu cows bred in Australia. But the cost of meat is affected exclusively upward: for uluchsheniya products Australian farmers began to give cows red wine (16 dollars per bottle). 200 grams of fillet in Europe costs more than 100 dollars. Some, especially the delicate pieces sell for a thousand dollars.

The most expensive dumplings in the world . The uniqueness of them is that in their composition, in addition to beef, elk and pork meat includes iron deep fish-torch (Curtius Flame Fish), resulting in even moderate lighting dumplings emit blue-green light and it’s completely edible and wonderfully tasty. Portion of 8 dumplings will devastate a purse of $ 2,400, and from 16 to 4 400$.

The world’s most expensive sandwich – the “platinum club sandwich von Essen” (von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich) . Try it by paying 100 pounds (almost 200 dollars). It consists of: Iberian ham, Bresse fowl, white truffles, quail eggs, dried Italian tomatoes and bread cooked on a special ferment.

The most expensive pizza in the world “Luis XIII” offers young Italian chef Renato viola. It costs 8 300 Euro. According to the author, “this price is not exaggerated, if we bear in mind exclusive products and two people who come to the house to prepare it”. The pizza, besides the basics, prepared in the presence of the client. Includes: Buffalo mozzarella, three types of caviar and red lobster, prawns and lobster. Even salt in this pizza is not ordinary, and the Australian pink “Murray River”.

The world’s most expensive chocolate is called “Chocopologie by Knipschildt” . It is manufactured in the USA by “Knipschildt Chocolatier”. Naturally, it’s dark chocolate. A pound (453 grams) of “Chocopologie by Knipschildt” will have to pay 2 600 dollars.

The world’s most expensive salad, which is called “Florette Sea&Earth” . The ingredients – 50 g of selected white Beluga caviar Almas, lobster, Cornish crab and lobster. The author serves Raymond Le Blanc added a still young paretsky salad with a bit of olive oil, grated truffles, red pepper, asparagus and potatoes, garnished all with gold foil. The cost per serving “Paretsky sea and land” – 635 pounds.

The most expensive omelet in the world. It costs a thousand dollars. Besides the eggs in the omelet are a whole lobster. It is served on a bed of fried potatoes and decorated – ten ounces of sevruga caviar.

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