The most exotic dishes

Below exotic dishes designed for a true connoisseur, so if you eat Breakfast or lunch, it is better to postpone for later perusal this top.

“Balut” . This Oriental dish is made of eggs, almost out of eggs. In Eastern countries this product love to use in all sorts of exotic species in the limestone will withstand, in tea. “Balut” is grown in egg embryo duckling. Initially, eggs are loaded into a special room type incubator where the eggs ripen. And then they are boiled in water and eat the contents. In Vietnam and Cambodia, this dish is considered a delicacy.

Another dish called “Pacha” is of Turkic origin can be very tasty, if we discard some prejudices. “Pacha” is a boiled lamb’s head, which the head of the family cut up. By the way, don’t be afraid, if anywhere in Turkey you will be offered a dish with a similar name. In this case, “Pacha”, the same thing that “Hush”, i.e. like warm jelly concoction from a certain meat. And it is not necessarily that this meat will be the head.

Now just to Norway and talk about another exotic dish “Lutefisk” . For its preparation used cod fillet, soak fish in lye and stand until the mixture becomes studnational and transparent – then you can eat. Unless of course you take the risk, because the lye can corrode even silver.

About wine from mice much to tell, as well as in China alcohol and insist in mice, and snakes, and lizards. These bottles look more like exhibits preserved in alcohol, but they are not for tasting, but for treatment, so sometimes similar contents and can be swallowed, perhaps it will return you to male force or extends the life?!

The Mediterranean presents us a variety of cheeses, so it is here and could be born of such extreme product. Produced in Sardinia Casu Marzu grade . For its preparation take a sheep’s head cheese, it is pierced with holes and leave in the sun to rot. Of course, the cheese wouldn’t miss the cheese and lay their eggs. All you need to do then is wait cheese will larvae hatch and begin to ooze liquid. Just don’t forget about safety during the food – larvae are very Jumpy and when you use eye better to hold my hand, and after meals is recommended to drink a remedy for worms.

In Mexico you can eat the eggs of a giant poisonous ants called “Escamoles” . Taste the dish resembles cottage cheese, and if his seasoning sauce, it is even edible. However, delicacy is not cheap, because they are difficult to collect. They are very useful, so if you get to Mexico, the dish is worth a try.

Dietary live octopus can be enjoyed in Korea. When you log in some restaurants in this country are aquariums with live clams. Select any you liked, and you immediately it is served cut into pieces. Traditionally this dish is served “kimchi” cabbage.

Again back to Cambodia. In the town of Skuon prepared delicacies from the poisonous tarantula . This is not surprising, as in other areas of the country consume many other arthropods and insects that live nearby. Shell rather large spider fry it on the coals with garlic and salt. Due to the high content of proteins it turns out delicious, hearty and crisp. On the remains of the spider (legs, venomous fangs and abdomen) make a tincture.

Another delicacy, which has already begun to conquer the Western audience is Scorpio . If once these creatures have served mainly in China, now in new York can offer boiled or roasted Scorpion on a cheese pillow, it quite safe and not poisonous and they say delicious.

What about the snake, bat or spider fried on hot. In some of the restaurants of Vietnam, you can choose the mouse – when you decapitate will be roasted. Bat meat tastes like beef. To improve male strength, it is recommended to drink fresh blood of the same mouse.

And for dessert, this Hong Kong delicacy is monkey brains . To eat out the brain to be alive, firmly seated monkeys, until the animal died, otherwise no flavor.

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