The most delicious dishes from Hong Kong cuisine

So, you arrived in Hong Kong. In between sightseeing, shopping and meeting new people definitely need to eat. But what is offered by local chefs?

We offer you a guide to the most famous Hong Kong dishes. and most importantly, tell you about places where these dishes are best to try.

Dim sums

Try the cross-cultural approach to the tea party in the cafe with temsamani Man Mo Cafe. It’s a kind of ravioli stuffed with foie Gras, truffles, brie cheese and duck. The purists are in shock…

Milk tea in Hong Kong


Soft ice cream

Ice cream lovers should look into cafe Soft Crème, which sells the most delicious soft ice cream in Hong Kong. Tastes has a huge variety — from sour plum to the famous ice cream with bacon, champagne and cereal.

Char SIU

Kurobuta try the char SIU at the Chinese restaurant Lee Ho Fook. It’s pork roasted in honey, only not simple, but from special Japanese pigs. Be sure to ask for well cooked meat.

Buns with pork chops

Buns with char SIU

Try vostochnobeisky, inside of which hides a superb stuffing. Best served in a café, Little Bao. This gourmet approach to traditional Chinese bread with innovative toppings such as pulled pork and chicken under the black vinegar to Szechuan mayonnaise.

Qingdao beer

The first microbrewery Hong Kong called Hong Kong Beer Co. ready to offer you five of his signature species of the famous Qingdao beer: try Dragon’s Back Pale Ale a medium-bodied, or more bitter Big Wave Bay IPA.

Pancakes with Peking duck

This dish is best prepared in the restaurant Mr. Bing. Peking duck itself is delicious, but those pancakes that transcends the restaurants in Hong Kong directly from Beijing street food will be readily available snack. Try the pancakes with duck, Hoisin sauce, cucumber and crispy leaves of green.

Egg waffles

If you come to Hong Kong, you just have to try creative flavors of egg waffles in a cafe Oddies Foodies — newest and already the most popular school of Hong Kong, which is specialized in various kinds of waffles and Gelato. Often in school the whole range is sold out, so hurry. For example, the ice cream Dr. Oddie made from pears, ginger oat crumbs, ginger ice cream and honey jelly with caramel sauce that was poured on ice cream from a huge syringe. But back to our waffles. The most popular toppings include: vanilla rice pudding, the chocolate chip cookie, “an extra”, ham and cheese and Mexican chicken. Desserts… go like hotcakes, so if you like something, grab without thinking.

Thai-Malaysian street food

Try Putin (accent on the second syllable) in a place called Mrs. Pound. Successfully progresiv almost all over the world, Mrs. Pound, finally, settled down in one place and now sells amazingly delicious dishes. Stewed beef in coconut sauce, which practically melts in your mouth… m-M-m-m, shut up and take my money.

Soup with crab

Try Chinese delicacies at Sohofama. This newly opened restaurant is a joint venture of the restaurant Locofama and Hong Kong clothing brand GOD. Here you can enjoy proven experience of Hong Kong cuisine with many local ingredients, which are grown. But the restaurant is especially famous for its seasonal soups and smoothies from Hong Kong ingredients like sour plum and orange peel. Be sure to go there and then tell everyone how delicious you tasted.

French toast in Hong Kong

Spicy noodles Chongqing

Try soul kitchen restaurant in Sichuan. The school own wife is French and Chinese. But because it serves the true Chinese noodles with French gourmet spices and seasonings.


In the Social Place serves great wonton (dumplings). This modern and pleasant restaurant you will find Chinese dishes with an unusual approach to the classics, prepared in the best traditions of healthy food.

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