The best recipes for gourmets

Consider a few gourmet meals. The world most expensive and exotic dishes is not open for ordinary people, it is available only for gourmets. The most unusual dishes can be on the table at each person. But there’s only one disadvantage is financially able to buy these delicious dishes.

Today, together with we will look at a selection of the most exquisite and expensive dishes of the world and try to cook a few interesting dishes that are sure to please a gourmet.

Top most expensive meals for gourmets

The most expensive omelette

A five-star hotel in new York, Parker Meridien, this elegant omelet offers its guests a Breakfast, which costs one thousand dollars. The composition of this dish includes lobster, six eggs and 350 grams of sevruga caviar.

The most expensive fast food in the world

And the rich people can find lovers of fast food. The most expensive Burger, the FleurBurger cost five thousand dollars it is possible to try in Los Angeles. This dish consists of brioches, burgers from Kobe beef, truffles, goose liver and sauce made from truffles. This sophisticated Burger is served with a bottle of Chateau Petrus.

Pie with truffles and Wagyu beef

This pie is the third fourth in izyskannyi list of the most expensive meals around the world. The cost of this dish is eight thousand dollars. This gourmet dish is made from Wagyu beef, mushrooms and truffles matsutake.

The most expensive dumplings

One serving of the most expensive dumplings are 4.5 thousand dollars. The most refined restaurant Golden Gate, located in new York, opened one Russian immigrant. Brand dumplings from this restaurant are currently included in the list of the most expensive dishes in the world. During cooking dumplings, the chef of this restaurant uses several types of meat – veal, pork and salmon. But the secret of this dish for real gourmets are finely chopped glands glowing anchovy or fish torch.

Cupcake the “Golden Phoenix”

A few months ago world famous British company Bloomsbury opened the doors to its first boutique café in the Mall called Dubai Mall, which present to the public was presented the most expensive cupcake cost 29 thousand dollars.

This cupcake called “Golden Phoenix” made with organic flour, natural butter, cocoa Amedey Porceleana from Italy, the best varieties of strawberries and edible foil from 23-carat gold.

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