Stuffed cabbage

Much-loved in our country dish like stuffed cabbage, of course, has a lot of different variations, and it can be prepared from different products. In this article we have collected the most interesting recipes for cooking cabbage, meat, and vegetarian.

Where does this amazing the name of this dish is unknown. Why someone decided to call wrapped in cabbage leaves meat in honor of the doves can only guess, but one thing is clear – this name reflects all the warmth of the attitude of Russian people to this dish, because the word “dove” or “dove” was originally called only when caring, affectionate attitude towards it.

Stuffed cabbage is one of the most popular and famous dishes of Russian cuisine, they are cooked in all corners of our immense Motherland. Their original option, which was a minced meat wrapped in cabbage leaves, changed, invent new variations – as a result, today we have so many variations of stuffed cabbage, that all hardly ever will be able to count. One of the most famous deviations from the classic recipe of stuffed cabbage – it is lazy, that is lazy cabbage rolls. However, this is not the only deviation from the canons. So, let’s see what interesnyie unusual stuffed cabbage recipes exist.

The recipe for stuffed cabbage with mushrooms in the Beijing cabbage

You will need: 350 grams of yogurt, 250 grams of canned corn, 150 g mushrooms, 100 g butter, 4 eggs, 1 large head NAPA cabbage, 1 onion, 3 tbsp ketchup, parsley.

How to cook stuffed cabbage with mushrooms in the Beijing cabbage. Onion peel, hard-boiled eggs to boil, wash the mushrooms, chop finely and together with onions fry the mushrooms in butter, put some salt and pepper. To disassemble the leaves of the Beijing cabbage, cut shoulders, lower into the boiling water for a minute. Eggs chopped, pepper and salt, drain the liquid from the corn, mix it with the eggs by adding mushrooms and onions. Put the stuffing on cabbage leaves and fold them into a roll, wrapping the lateral edge inward after twisting rolls. Mix ketchup and yogurt, put some salt and pepper. Stuffed cabbage put in pan and pour kefir mixture, put in a preheated 200 degree oven for half an hour, covering the pan with a lid, before serving sprinkle with herbs.

This recipe is interesting, primarily using NAPA cabbage instead of the classic white, but the filling in this case also deserves attention. To prepare these cabbage rolls are easy, and the final result is quite original and tasty dish. Options for toppings are different, including them can be gleaned from the following recipes stuffed with unusual fillings.

Mushrooms in the stuffing resourceful hostess combine with rice, kohlrabi, zucchini, buckwheat and many other products.

A family recipe of stuffed cabbage

You will need: 8 leaves of young cabbage, rice, minced meat (chicken/vegetable/beef), carrot, onion, parsley, pepper, salt.

How to cook stuffed cabbage family. In salted boiling water, drop the cabbage leaves, a few minutes boil and then drain in a colander. Until half done boil rice, onions and carrots chop and fry together with the rice and chopped herbs mixed with minced meat. Lay a parchment with rectangular shape, overlapping to lay out cabbage leaves so that they were dangling over the edge of the form, the bottom lay two sheets. Put the leaves in the form of minced meat, cover him hanging by the tips of the leaves of cabbage, cover it with parchment in a preheated 180 degree oven bake until tender about 50 minutes.

This recipe is interesting because it is prepared by not a few as usual, and one large stuffed cabbage-roll, which is then cut into pieces a La carte.

The stuffing for this cabbage rolls you can put extra ingredients, such as whole tomatoes from which the pulp is released and driven resultando eggs will fit any other versions of the filling for meat and vegetable rolls.

Recipe pickled cabbage with carrots

You’ll need: 500 g of carrots, 1 head of cabbage, 1 head of garlic, pickles – 500 ml of water, ¼ Cup sugar, vegetable oil and vinegar 6%, ¾ tsp salt, 1 pepper-peas black and allspice, cloves, Bay leaf.

How to cook pickled cabbage with carrots. Take a small head of cabbage, separate leaves and cut off thicker, blanch in boiling water. Carrots to RUB on a small grater, skip through the press garlic, stir, put the prepared vegetable stuffing on cabbage leaves and roll cabbage rolls. To lay the prepared stuffed cabbage in a clean jar. For the marinade mix all the ingredients, except the vinegar, bring to the boil, at the end of the vinegar, the marinade pour over the cabbage rolls. To eat the pickled cabbage it is possible in 24-48 hours, as they can roll up, sterilized in half an hour.

Such an interesting cabbage rolls will appeal to all lovers of pickled snacks, and making them for the future, to enjoy them at any time of the year.

Cabbage rolls with meat, vegetables and noodles

You’ll need: 500 g mixed minced meat, 100 g butter/margarine, 2 small head of cabbage, 1 onion, carrots, sweet red peppers, 2-3 pen green onions, 2 tbsp oil, dill and parsley, black pepper, salt, for the filling – 1 package egg noodles, for the sauce – 500 champignons/white mushrooms, 350 ml milk, 150 g butter, 1 onion, 4 tbsp sour cream, 2 tbsp flour, mushroom seasoning, pepper, salt.

How to cook stuffed cabbage with noodles and vegetables. Noodles (best to use homemade noodles) to boil in salted water and drain in a colander. Season the stuffing with pepper and salt, peel the carrot and onion and finely chop them together with herbs and green onions, carrots RUB on a grater. Onions fry in hot oil, add the beef, stir fry until crumbly state, add the carrots, herbs and pepper, simmer 5 minutes, put noodles, mix well. Cabbage leaves to separate from the cob, steamed, cut thickening, put the filling on the leaves, rolled cabbage rolls, put them in a deep shape and pour the salted water/hot broth so that the liquid almost completely covers them. Put the cabbage pieces sliced butter, cover with cabbage leaves, bake for one hour in a preheated 180 degree oven. For the sauce finely chop the mushrooms and onion and fry in half the oil, pepper and salt, saute 10 minutes, add sour cream, on the other pan, fry the flour, add the milk and mix well to avoid lumps, mix this sauce with mushrooms. From cabbage to remove the leaves by which they were covered, pour the prepared sauce, cover the form with a lid or foil and bake for another half hour.

Cabbage rolls with cutlets on the bone

You will need: 100 g bulgur, 9 cutlets on the bone from a loin of lamb/pork, 9 leaves of cabbage, 5-6 tomatoes, 3 sweet peppers, 1 onion, 3-4 tbsp vegetable oil, 2-3 tbsp oil, 1-2 tbsp chopped walnuts, 2-3 cloves of garlic, any herbs to taste, red, black and hot pepper to taste, salt.

How to cook cabbage rolls with cutlets on the bone. Lower the cabbage leaves in boiling water, boil for 2-3 min. For 15-20 min in cold water to soak the bulgur, then combine with chopped herbs, garlic, onion, nuts, butter, pepper and salt, mix well. The soft part of the chops to beat off without removing the bone, RUB with pepper and salt. To lay out on the flattened portion of meatballs stuffing, roll pulp roll, wrapping rolls with cabbage leaves – the pit should stay on the outside. Put into a form by a layer the chopped tomatoes and pepper, lay on top of the cabbage rolls, cover with a layer of peppers and tomatoes, drizzle with oil, bake for about an hour until cooked in a preheated 180 degree oven.

To cook the cabbage rolls in a variety of variations, the key is to use your favorite products, then cooked dish definitely have to taste.

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