Snacks play an important role in human nutrition. Not only are they rich in fats and proteins, but also increase the caloric content of our dinners or Lunches, they contain a large number of useful nutrients. All thanks to the fact that recipes appetizers includes a variety of fatty sauces. pickled vegetables and mushrooms. All of this increases appetite before the main meal and helps food to be absorbed better.

According to the method of cooking this kind of meals are split into cold appetizers and hot appetizers.

Cold appetizers

Cold appetizers usually served cold. Furthermore, their preparation often used raw foods. If the ingredients for snacks as it is ready, it is still cool. The appetizers are usually cold proizvoditi vegetables, marinated or pickled mushrooms, boiled meat, poultry, eggs, caviar and other products. For starters as well carry sandwiches – closed, open and combined. Sandwiches are prepared on white or black bread with meat, fish, caviar, eggs, and other products.

Hot snacks

Hotsnacks are always served hot, and directly at the table. Hot snacks – same as hot dishes, only made of small size so that you can eat at one time. Dishes are served without a side dish. Hot appetizers can include anything you like – meatballs, patties, stuffed cabbage, fried fish and more importantly – remember the size.

Making snacks

But with the right preparation of snacks – that’s not the point. In addition, it is very important making snacks . As you will be served an appetizer, so it will accept your guests. Good design snacks will make your guests take you to the recipe, which is very nice. For the decoration (ornaments) of cold appetizers, you should use the products that are part of courses, as well as different herbs, fresh vegetables, such as onions, carrots, cucumbers. Important role in the design of snacks plays dishes and special tools for carving (barbounia) vegetables.


Meats can be prepared not only from meat swiney or beef, and poultry. It is also very popular meats of pork, for example – jellied or pickled tongue.

Remember that in the summer it is impossible to submit such meats, like pate or jelly is a very perishable food and high risk food poisoning. Just don’t eat these meals to other guests, particularly at weddings where the appetizers occurs in advance and stored indefinitely.

Fish snacks

Fish meals are prepared mostly from the sturgeon and salmon species, as well as a river that does not have bones, such as walleye. Fish snacks include sandwiches with various fish meats, vol-AU-vents or tartlets with salted fish, caviar. Besides making the dishes of fish includes a variety of non-fish seafood such as squid, mussels, crabs, sea Kale. A vivid example – stuffed squid .

Vegetable snacks

Cold vegetable appetizers are usually served in small portions, so their caloric value is small. But they enrich the body with valuable minerals, which in vegetables in excess.

Carefully prepare vegetable snacks. In fact, cold vegetables do not have heat treatment, hot and most of the microbes gets into vegetable snacks from the hands of the chef. Therefore, please follow a few rules of cooking vegetable snacks:

Thoroughly wash vegetables under the tap

Keep workstation on which you prepare

Keep the vegetables longer in the refrigerator – this will slow down the development of germs dozens of times

Prigotavlivaya vegetable snacks just before serving. If it is not possible to do so, keep vegetable snacks in the refrigerator.


Tapas are always burning or moderately the taste by adding pepper, garlic, vinegar. The most common acute snacks include carrot, bacon, garlic, pickled onions. This kind of snack is the appetite and helps digestion due to the large allocation of gastric juice.

The type of cooking we share snacks in a festive, fast, simple and original

Festive snacks

Festive snack we usually prepare for holidays, celebrations and events. In the kitchens of Nations of the world have their own festive snacks that are usually served at religious and other symbolic holidays. For example the Swedes – a sandwiches for all occasions. We marinated mushrooms or jelly for the new year.

Quick snacks

Fast snacks . in my opinion it is those that can be prepared in five minutes. Very often guests come suddenly and the “bite” so to speak there is nothing. The usual sausage sandwiches or an open jar of preservation can safely be considered a fast snack.

Simple snacks

Simple snacks do not require sophisticated methods of cooking that take place in several stages. Until the cook, you can starve to die! A simple example of quick snacks: cut the tomato flesh, then in tomato is driven in a raw egg, sprinkled with grated cheese and baked for 20 minutes in the oven – simple and delicious hot appetizer.

Original snacks

Original snacks to prepare, not everyone can, because originality involves creativity. Make your snack is original, it must not only be made as all, but give it an original taste. Also, if you mix milk with pickles, the taste would certainly be original, that’s just bad. These snacks can often see in the Assembly of the magazine with a decent audience or at the competitions of cooks. Looking for information on the Internet and your snacks are just as original.

Finally I will say that the purpose of any snacks that you prepare to satiate guests, and arouse their appetite. So the best advice – do the dishes as finely as possible.

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