Simple salads birthday

On any birthday, baby or adult, the hostess always prepares several different salads, decorating their holiday table. Recipes of every variety, however and the requirements for such snacks enough. They must be light, gentle, nourishing, easy to prepare, have a different composition.

Look for salads served to the guests and the birthday boy, needs original, bright and festive. Simple mixing of products there is not enough, you need to put the ingredients in layers, or decorate the finished dish at the top. Suitable for this purpose, sprigs of greens, corn, peas, mayonnaise, chips, or grated cheese, pieces of vegetables. In General, meals should be simple, but beautiful and delicious.

Instead of guessing what kind of salad to make, light or hearty, with fish or cucumbers, it is best to roll up your sleeves, buy the necessary food and a few hours before the celebration to prepare a birthday a few options. We have previously written recipes simple salads with Kirieshki. below we offer recipes the best salads for my birthday. Guests can also taste each, especially if they look appetizing and beautiful.

If the budget does not provide for serious spending, and time to cook a little, easy prigotovilis conventional products for birthday cheap and simple salads. The main thing is to decorate them and put them in a glass bowls, colorful plates.

Simple and inexpensive salads birthday

Corn meadow


A big jar of corn;

A head of fresh cabbage;

2 cucumbers;

Large green Apple;

Greens, salt;

Sour cream or light mayonnaise.


Shinkuem cabbage, washed Apple grate, chop the cucumber into thin slices;

From cans of corn drained water, the herbs shred;

Stir foods with sour cream or mayonnaise, sprinkle with salt;

Pour on top of some cabbage, spread patterns of corn.

Cabbage and sausage


Fresh cabbage;

Small cucumber;

Jar of corn;


200 grams of sausage and even boiled, even smoked;



The cabbage on the Board, cut into long thin strips, sausage long strips;

From cans of corn pour water;

Cucumber RUB on a grater, drain off the juice Board in the sink;

Mix up all the foods with mayonnaise, sprinkle with herbs.

With beets and herring


One salt herring;

Large beets;


3 eggs;


3 potatoes;

Mayonnaise, salt.


Herring cut into equal cubes;

Potatoes, carrots, beets and eggs boil, then grate in different plates;

Chop the onion finely;

Put layers, each promazyvaya mayonnaise: herring, topped with onions, beets, potatoes, carrots, eggs. Better to do it in the form without a bottom, then remove it;

Ready salad put for impregnation for a couple of hours in the fridge.

Eggs, onion, crab sticks


Cleaned 4 crab sticks;

A small jar of corn;

2 eggs;

A little bit of green onions feathers;

Salt and mayonnaise.


Crab sticks are not too finely chop, mix with corn grains;

Add shredded with a fork boiled eggs, salt to taste, mayonnaise;

Stir, decorate with green onions on top.

Light salads

Pineapples in the snow

To quickly prepare a light salad for my birthday for a few minutes to come up with a lot don’t have. A simple recipe with an interesting name “the Pineapples in the snow” involves only the mixing of four products.

200 grams of hard cheese;

Jar of canned pineapples;

A large clove of garlic;


The recipe is very simple:

RUB cheese shavings on the grate;

With pineapple gently remove the juice, stir them with cheese;

Press out the garlic there;

Mix all with mayonnaise, put in a beautiful bowl.

Pineapples give the food a savory flavor, the cheese adds a lightness to the dish, garlic — spiced. Guests will appreciate the unusual salad and will definitely ask for supplements.

Orange mood

You can make another light salad of just two products called “Orange mood”. You will need:

3 Morkovin;

200 grams of processed cheese;

Salt, mayonnaise.

The recipe is simple:

Grate fresh carrots and cheese on a fine grater;

Sprinkle with salt, mix, dressed with mayonnaise.

This easy salad is very popular with the children, it is perfect for treats at a kid’s birthday party.

Sea food

On the festive table necessarily have to be meat or fish salad. Birthday hostess, you can even cook the seafood, boil the mixture in advance. If time is short, and cook a long time want, you can make a festive salad “Sea food”.

Necessary ingredients:

Crab sticks — a pack weight of 300 grams;

4 eggs;

Red caviar — 100 g;

Calamari, shrimp — 300 grams;

Mayonnaise, salt.

To prepare the salad simple:

Squid with shrimp pour hot boiling water, boil for 3 minutes. Shrimp net, squid cut into pieces;

Eggs boil, peel, cut with a knife;

Crab sticks with a knife cut into small cubes;

Reversible all the products with mayonnaise, natural honey instead of caviar you can use protein, cheaper;

Decorate the top grains of the game, lay out the pattern of the shrimp.

As festive salad for “Olivier” salad “Mimosa” with salmon. “Royal”, “Meat”, any other taste and desire.

Decoration ready meals

Any salad, whether it is a simple, flaky or very difficult to prepare, decorating the top to give it a beautiful festive look. Different options for decorating a lot. Tasty and simple salads for children’s or adult’s birthday get ready quickly, requires a bit.

You can pre-boil vegetables, eggs, brush the necessary ingredients, saving the time before the holiday. Garnish the finished dish, even the most simple salad to make a delicious festive look.

As a simple salad for a birthday can be and “Caesar”. It is not necessary to prepare the classic sauce for the Caesar salad with chicken. but you can replace the dressing with mayonnaise.

Any untrained and inexperienced in the Affairs of the cooking person will be able to show their talents and to prepare such tasty and original dish. After all, the classic recipe is no big deal, and if you decide how to prepare Caesar salad with chicken can be found here. Be brave, try, cook, surprise!

Video on how to prepare simple salads

Recipe simple salad for his birthday, titled “Male Whim”.

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