Salads for every day

Every person has their own individual culinary preferences, and at the present time to satisfy most of them quite easy.

Such preferences also exist in respect of the salads, which we will pay special attention in the article, especially now that there are enough of the best recipes of salads. Today they are present in all national cuisines.

The content

The history of salads

According to the traditions, with the first salad had a chance to meet the ancient Romans, and it happened over 2 millennia ago, Roman patricians liked to feast heartily. Tables are served different dishes, including vegetable salads, which was attended by various vegetables and herbs. And as a dressing were used spices in the form of salt and pepper, honey, olive oil, vinegar, because the word salad meant a dish with dressing. This salad was a great complement to meat dishes. So, it is incorrect to assume that this is a cold dish got its name from the name of the green vegetable, it was quite the opposite.

For a long time it Roman salad (with some small changes to the ingredients) was known to mankind, gradually the situation changed, and it happened in the Renaissance. It was during this period mostvivid manifested a desire for everything elegant and refined, which have affected all areas of life, and, of course, cuisine. Of course, in matters of culinary recipes of salads are most distinguished in France, and from that moment not one solemnly laid table is not complete without the availability of salads.

The new sauce

Developed new recipes, and was not particular difficulty to find a recipe that fits any occasion. Now in this dish were added not only the traditional herbs and vegetables, but also cheese, artichokes, root vegetables and other ingredients. Touched innovation and dressings, to which was added wine, lemon juice, and various types of vinegar, not to mention the spices. Until the 19th century, salads were added only vegetables raw, and only in this period the situation has changed: in cold dishes, already began to present the vegetables are boiled, salted and pickled, fruits, meat and boiled eggs.

Closer to the twentieth century, cooking had become increasingly used to filling in the form of mayonnaise, but here the special distribution it received in Russia, although it was first added in the salad “Olivier” French chef, in whose honor it was named.

Who salute?

Did you know that today there was even such a profession as salute. We are talking about a person who is directly involved in the development of new recipes and preparation of salads and dressings. Even Housewives are not averse to experiment, to surprise and please relatives and friends.

Salad variety

In the last century the best salad recipes were published in women’s magazines, published a whole cookbook. When preparing these dishes using different ingredients, a list which has become much wider, it is enriched with exotic fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, legumes, corn, cheese and other salad ingredients. Apart from the fact that the salad is an additional cold dish, it can act as a standalone course. Salads every day can be different, all depends on the imagination of the hostess, the preferences of households and the availability of food in the fridge. And when it comes to the festive table, an abundance of salads on it testifies to the wealth and hospitality of the hosts.

Food, once considered a food, have food everyday, which is difficult to surprise someone, and that mayonnaise is most often used as a dressing thereto, and the second is vegetable oil. Cooking recipes salads offered by professionals, we learn about them from friends, colleagues, neighbors.

One of the most common of these is the well-known “Herring under a fur coat “, the story of food begins in the post-revolutionary period, and it was first presented on the eve of the New Year. This salad came to taste the new masters of the land, which was the proletarians, because it contains all products available: herring, potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, generously with mayonnaise. Currently it is difficult to imagine Christmas day without this dish.

Recipes such salads, as we have seen, familiar to mankind even before the beginning of a new era, here it is possible to combine and connect all plant-derived ingredients, season them with vegetable oil, sour cream, mayonnaise, etc.

Salads with the addition of mushrooms have a long time, gradually, they only improved. If at the initial stage of their basement with onion, garlic, herbs, and add only vegetable oil, now recipes mushroom salad is more than enough. For example, it is possible to prepare “Mushroom glade”, for sure, the taste of the salad will be appreciated. By the way, in some embodiments, the salads in the course are even mushrooms in their raw form, various dressings such dishes are also missing.

And those very tasty salads with Photos on the Internet enough, for example, one of the most popular of them is the layered salad “Kurochka-Ryaba”. This salad is not only visually appealing but also very tasty, although admittedly, this is a modern salad option. It includes partly gourmet products such as olives, walnuts.

Among these salads is the most well-known salad “Olivier”, which we have already mentioned, by the way, he is friendly to the salad “Herring under a fur coat” on new year’s table, it is prepared in large quantities. If the first acquaintance with “Olivier” occurred in the 19th century, and today he is loved by most people throughout the former Soviet Union for a long period of time. However, the recipe the French chef has undergone some changes, particularly initially, according to the authors food, it contained meat birds (grouse), which was subsequently replaced with the animal meat or sausages.

The salads, which serve a variety of fruits, in various combinations, also known since ancient times. Of course, often served as a dessert or prepare for the children who love them very much. Dressing for such a sweet couple salads sour cream, honey, syrup, etc.

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