Prepare an exquisite soup of French cuisine king

What cook meat soup

In the basis of preparation of the meat soup is the broth, which is prepared from the meat of various animals. This and beef, and mutton, and pork, and chicken, and other broths. Our ancestors created the basis for the preparation of meat bouillons. Caught game roasted on the fire and boiled nourishing soup. This allowed us to warm up and saturate the body with energy needed for survival. Over time on the basis of meat broth began to prepare various soups with added vegetables, cereals and other ingredients.

Today, many nutritionists and doctors dispute benefits of meat broth for health. This is largely due to the quality of meat which is cooked and meat soup. If you want a really healthy soup, we choose the most fresh and quality meat. Best home meat or meat farm.

Use a meat soup

Soup with meat broth is very nutritious and with comparative ease. Meat soup gives the feeling of satiety and well absorbed by the body. In the process of cooking in the meat broth saved a huge amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. And compared with the meat fried or stewed dishes like this soup and less calories.

It should be remembered that meat soup is only useful if you properly prepared!

Cooks recommend to use for cooking a meat soup second soup. After meat a little boil, and on the surface of the broth foam is formed, it is necessary to merge the first broth, and meat, pour clean cold water. Obtained on the second and broth should cook meat soup.

Those who are watching their weight, it is recommended to choose lower-calorie meat to prepare soup: chicken breast without skin Turkey breast. Soup based on meat broth is simply irreplaceable for people living in difficult and harsh climate. Thanks meat soup, the body is full of energy and are quickly warmed, restoring force.

How to cook healthy and tasty beef soup

You should choose high-quality meat;

Useful broth cooks the meat without bones;

Cook the soup on the second broth, because the broth is transferred contained in the meat of harmful substances.

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