Menu for birthday party

The main decoration of the festive table remains a meat dish, that is why we offer you to cook chicken, baked in the oven with apples and wondrous natural spicy sauce. The bird is marinated in advance, which means that you’ll have enough time to prepare the rest of the menu for my birthday: garnish, salads, meats.

The combination of meat with dried fruit in this festive dish is always original, interesting, original and incredibly tasty. And pork on the background of prunes is particularly elegant. Meat, baked in the oven, it turns out flavorful and juicy.

Meat in French recipe which, instead of the traditional pork meat includes chicken, gotovitbsya faster and easier than a similar dish with pork. But this dish is low-fat, low-calorie, tender and tasty.

Chicken fillet with cheese sauce

A simple and quick recipe for chicken delicacy. Dietary chicken Breasts the better, the less it is boiled, stewed under a lid, drying on the pan – in General, too long is amenable to heat treatment.

Chicken fillet in cream sauce

Tender chicken in a cream sauce – delicious dish. It will appeal to both adults and children, because it’s diet variant without harmful additives. This dish is prepared very simply and quickly and can go well with any side dish at your discretion.

As with other berries or fruit, grapes fits perfectly not only in desserts, but also in serious dishes. Surprise guests with an unusual, elegant and original combination of tastes of the red fish and grapes.

Menu for birthday party – snacks

Meat rolls are always beneficial and elegant look to the holiday table. Moreover, they can be prepared in advance, and then, like a wizard’s sleeves, time to take out of the fridge and give the surprised guests. You have to be in the Arsenal of a few recipes, such as beef rolls with carrots, dried apricots and spices.

Try the meat with the original nut flavor. Preparing this snack is very simple, time will require quite a bit, and appearance suitable for normal dining and special events.

Excellent Ukrainian appetizer – delicious fat with meat prozhilochki, will be a worthy alternative to purchase the pudding at your holiday table. This snack looks wonderful on a plate with cold meats, together with bacon, ham and other delicacies.

In addition to cheese and cold cuts, vegetables and jars of olives, you can surprise your guests, cook a few minutes, the dish, at first glance, incongruous products, such as fish and bacon, and effectively arrange them, Nikolov on skewers.

Menu birthday – salads

Salad “Caesar” with chicken fillet and Parmesan

The Caesar salad is a traditional dish for the holiday table. He is always tasty and original sauce thanks to a unique and unchanging ingredients: chicken, Parmesan cheese and white crackers.

Not only delicious but original in appearance snack can please your home with an unusual taste, but also decorate the holiday table with a beautiful appearance. Thanks curry and peanuts chicken salad with grapes becomes particularly piquant taste.

Prepare for a festive feast gorgeous, bright, elegant exotic salad “Garnet bracelet”. In addition to the original and pleasant taste, this dish is a huge success on the table because it looks really fabulous and appetizing.

Rare holiday is complete without traditional herring under a fur coat. Despite the fact that many Housewives cook it differently, this salad remains a favorite, delicious and worthy of a decoration on the Desk.

If you or your guests are committed to healthy eating and trying not to include in your diet mayonnaise, make delicious and healthy salads without the use of this popular high-calorie white sauce.

Menu birthday – veg starters

Bake vegetables in the oven can be used as a separate snack or as a side dish to meat or fish dishes. Bright, diverse, tasty, simple and useful, guests will enjoy!

Eggplants stuffed with meat and mushrooms

We offer you a little pokoldovat in the kitchen and cook stuffed with meat, mushrooms and a whole set of vegetables eggplant. I hope this dish will be appreciated by your guests, seemed to you at the light.

Tasty rolls of eggplant

Offer to your attention a simple and quick recipe smart snacks – rolls of eggplant stuffed with meat and tomatoes.

No less delicious than raw, and it turns out pickled cabbage, which will be ready almost in a day. And you can enjoy a delicious, sour-sweet, crispy pickled cabbage both in pure form and in salads.

Delicious snack for lovers of spicy. We offer you this super recipe – definitely make for guests the eggplant in Korean.

Menu for birthday party – desserts

Gorgeous, beautiful, airy, white cake decorate any holiday – from a noisy cheerful feast with friends or romantic tête-à-tête with loved ones. Already one name is worth!

We welcome lovers of sweets and chocolate? Then you cook for dessert, tender, incredibly delicious chocolate cake with rum impregnation.

If you love berries, this delicious dessert will certainly want you to taste. He prepares very simple, and the incomparable taste of raspberries combined with black bitter chocolate will fill a nice romantic summer memories.

Fruit cobbler – try to cook it in different recipes. This dessert many Housewives love and for ease of preparation and availability of products, for a delicate and light taste.

If you want to please the guests with delicious dessert, prepare bagels with your favorite fruit filling. It is elegant and simple, and very tasty!

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