How to cook a salad quickly.

Festive, casual, chicken, squid, feta cheese, any salad can be prepared very quickly . Open the fridge and see what is there. Remove, chop, mix, pour mayonnaise. Come up with a name. The salad is ready! Welcome to the table!

Salad Florentines.

200 g of smoked sausage and salt 1 cucumber slice

sticks, 50 g of cheese and 2 eggs grate,

to add Korean carrots and marinated

onion, mayonnaise.

Salad festive.

200 g . smoked sausage, 200 g cheese 2 medium fresh cucumber,

2 medium fresh carrots finely chopped, add 1 jar

corn and 1 can of green peas, dill, season

The salad with chicken.

Boiled chicken, pickled onions, boiled potatoes,

pickled cucumber, egg and cheese. All products grind to stack

layers in the indicated sequence, greasing with mayonnaise.

Salad riddle.

Mushrooms or oyster mushrooms fried with onions, boiled chicken divided into fiber, pickles cut into strips, add the chopped garlic and croutons, mayonnaise.

Salad spicy. Liver boil, cut them into strips and fry with onion,fried

carrot and pickles cut into strips, mayonnaise.

Greek salad.

Cheese cut into large cubes, tomatoes, cucumber and

sweet bell pepper cut into slices, black olives cut

in half or slices, add fresh greens(lettuce, parsley,

dill, etc.), to fill with olive oil or mayonnaise.

Salad a grouse.

Fries, 5 eggs, 200 g of champignons, onions,

200 g . boiled chicken, 100 g of grated hard cheese, 2 cloves

garlic, lettuce.

The onions and mushrooms fry the chicken cut into strips.

The dish lay out lettuce leaves, French fries, mushrooms

with onions, grated proteins and chicken mix, mayonnaise

and spread on the lettuce leaves in a nest, grated cheese and garlic

mix with mayonnaise, to form balls, roll them in grated

the yolks and put into the nest(you can use quail

eggs). The salad, sprinkle with herbs.

Fantasy salad.

Smoked sausage, crab sticks, and fresh tomato slice

cubes, add a jar of canned corn and crackers.

walnuts minced, mayonnaise.

Mysterious salad.

Boiled chicken, 1 large pear, 3 pickled cucumbers, 3 eggs,

3 potatoes – cut into cubes, walnuts crushed,

fry in a pan, add to salad. Mayonnaise.

Salad a Caribbean cruise.

1 green Apple, canned pineapple, marinated mushrooms,

Layers: roasted meat, pickled onion, roasted carrot,

marinated mushrooms, grated cheese. All layers of grease with mayonnaise.

Herring under Fox fur coat.

Layers: herring pieces, roasted mushrooms, boiled

potatoes grated, sauteed carrots with onions. Each layer

to grease with mayonnaise.

The salad my General.

Layers: cooked meat cubes, cheese, 4 eggs, boiled

Salad evening Blues.

sprinkle grated yolks and chopped walnuts.

Salad party.

200 g . cheese to grate. sprinkle the bottom of a shallow dish, sprinkle

Salad new year.

100 g . boiled chicken, green Apple, orange, 100 gr. of ham, fresh

Salad Jung.

1 can green peas, 1 pack of crab sticks, fillet one of herring,

3 PCs. boiled potatoes, 1 cooked beet, 2 cooked carrots, salt 3

cucumber, pickled onions. All cut into cubes, add 1 tea

a spoonful of vegetable oil and mayonnaise.

Salad with squid.

Layers: meat squid strips, egg – grated, cucumber –

shredded, cheese on a coarse grater. Layers of grease with mayonnaise.

If you have your own unique “Brand” quick salad we will be happy if You could share the recipe with us!

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