Home cooking.

Recipes for preserving foods at home Photo: brining, pickling, Smoking, marinating, pickling, pickled, dried, sportovanie, homemade butter and cheeses, etc.

Culinary recipes with Photos cold snacks: sandwiches, vinaigrettes, julienne, food caviar, aspic, jellied minced meat, pate, rolls, salads, fondue, forshmak.

Culinary recipes first courses: soups, borscht, stew, bulen, stewed vegetables, türi, soup.

Home cooking

Many of us not averse from time to time to go to a cafe or restaurant, and this is understandable. The desire to change the situation, to relax or to celebrate some important event – these reasons lead us in catering establishments. However, hardly anyone would deny that the dishes cooked by mothers and grandmothers, are the most delicious.

Recipes of dishes, both in restaurants and at home may be exactly the same, but the taste of cooked food are completely different. A plate of the simplest homemade food for many outweighs the most exquisite dish served in the restaurant.


Unfortunately, not all women know how to cook well. Some are not taught this by their mothers, others like to learn, and no time, others would Reducto to cook, but the known recipes don’t differ originality. All these reasons can easily be addressed. Even if it so happened that the delicious recipes from mothers or grandmothers have been lost, it is possible to compensate this loss can be through the Internet. A huge number of various recipes of home cooking allows even the most inexperienced mistress, become in the eyes of the household from the virtuoso cooking. Ranging from very simple dishes to very complex, each of which was checked more than once.

Recipes with Photos

Many Housewives will agree that home cooking is one of the main components of a friendly and wholesome family, not only delicious and inexpensive food. Regardless of how well the woman owns the subtleties of cooking, as well as on knowledge about the needs of the organism in various food substances depends on how correct and useful homemade food. Never too late to learn, especially in such matters as home cooking. And then your kids will say that their mom or dad cooks better than any chef. On our site You can find many recipes with Photos and detailed description of each recipe.

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