Great snacks

A piece of bread and a few simple ingredients can turn into a great snack with a minimum of expended effort. A lot of options — hot sandwich, mini pizza, sandwich. This kind of snack — ideal for quick snack, a simple lunch or a late dinner.

The simplest method of cooking is the use of sandwich toaster. To ensure that the sandwich did not stick to the plates of the toaster, the outside of the piece of bread, smear butter and then the sandwich is perfectly browned. In addition to the traditional toasters that are suitable for rectangular loaves, sell special sandwich toasters are designed for different types of bread and rolls, such as ciabatta, Panini. In such toasters butter the bread do not need that allows you to monitor the calories. In addition, the advantage of toasters is the ability to experiment with liquid fillings of sandwiches, such as egg, beans in tomato sauce, which spilled outside. There are even special bags, in which the sandwich is better warmed in the toaster. Also suitable option of cooking a hot sandwich is baking in the oven and the roasting pan.

In stores ogromnymi of bakery products, which allows every day to cook a new dish. Examples of snacks can serve options like this: on a piece of white bread can be spread onion rings, tomatoes, olives and cheese and stir; Uzbek flat cake can be filled with a stuffing of pesto sauce, raw ham, grated hard cheese and pine nuts and bake in the oven; cut in two urban bun can be filled with mustard, pickled gherkins, lettuce, pastrami and bake until a Golden color.

Interesting and easy to prepare snacks “croque-Monsieur” and “croque-Madame”. The recipe is: on portionality 50 gr sliced semi-hard cheese, 2 slices of ham and white bread, 10 grams of melted butter and 1 tsp. mustard beans. Cheese and ham should be laid out on the bread, spread with mustard, cover the top with another slice of bread and fry for 10 minutes in a pan until crisp, after brushing the sandwiches with oil. To serve the sandwich cut in two. For option “croque-Madame” when serving dishes should be served with fried or poached egg. These are original, quick and hearty snack.

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