Exotic dishes of the world

What you can eat during the trip, the most threatening to life and health? We present You a list of exotic dishes that are better not to try when traveling to distant countries.

The Puffer Fish (Japan)
Danger: death

Improperly prepared puffer fish can kill within hours. The chef must when cutting to remove the liver and organs of reproduction. If this is not done, the fish will remain the poison tetrodotoxin, which causes paralysis of muscles and lead to suffocation. Antidote to it is not, but a chance to survive if the victim of poisoning will support artificial respiration until such time as the poison will not be removed from the body. The main thing – to withstand the first 24 hours.

Crabs (Latin America)
Danger: cholera

Although cholera is not too common in recent years, in the case of crabs it is always good to observe the rule: or don’t touch it, or good cook, thoroughly clean. To die meat of these crabs does not work, but cholera causes severe diarrhea.

Sheep’s cheese Casu Marzu (Sardinia)
Danger: intestinal MIAS

This variety of sheep cheese, cheese infected by flies that causes the disease, though not fatal, but dangerous enough to embarrass the most desperate fans of exotic. The European Union banned this cheese, but its fans insist that while the larvae of flies are alive, the cheese you can eat, the harm to health only appears after they die. If flies eat us alive, they can survive in the stomach and set up camp in your intestines, causing nausea, diarrhea and stomach pain, till it comes out. The good news is that almost always they go out voluntarily, without medical intervention.

Monkey brains (Asia)
Danger: mad cow disease

Actually the odds of getting mad cow disease after monkey brains for lunch is small, but you still think whether you are ready to risk. The disease leads to dementia and death.

Sannakji is “wriggling octopus” (Korea)
Danger: suffocation

The tentacles of this octopus are served immediately after separating them from the trunk, and they continue to squirm on your plate and in your mouth, like worms. If insufficient care is easy to choke on. Thoroughly chew the little jerks and take them with plenty of fluids to ease their way to the stomach. It is hard to imagine that anyone would want to eat it sober, but they say that if you decide to eat this octopus drunk, your chances of choking increase.

The gigantic frog-a bull (Namibia)
Risk: renal failure, death

No wonder the French eat frog legs but frogs are not entirely in their remaining body contains dangerous toxins. However, in Namibia this frog has a reputation for delicacy. It is considered that there safely after mating season and after the “third rain” when rainfall is supposedly wash out the toxins. If you eat the frog at the wrong time or taken at the wrong part of her body, you face kidney failure, which requires immediate medical intervention.

The Plant Ackee (Jamaica)
Danger: “Jamaican vomiting sickness”

Only the yellow core of this plant was good for food, and the red shell and black inclusions can kill. However, this happens very rarely. The yellow part of the plant is an integral part of some national dishes. If you eat the fruit whole, you can get the so-called “Jamaican vomiting sickness”.

Not pasteurized milk (Europe and Asia)
Danger: brucellosis

In many Asian countries, as well as in rural areas of European countries milk is not subjected to compulsory pasteurization, and thus may contain dangerous bacteria. Untreated milk can cause brucellosis, a disease with flu-like symptoms. The good news is that the course of antibiotics can help to deal with it.

Fish silver bar (Mediterranean countries)
Danger: death

When cooking this fish, and fugu, need to remove the liver and reproductive organs. Otherwise, the toxins can cause paralysis, asphyxiation and even death.

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