Economical dishes for every day

In the life of each family happen difficult moments. Will not consider conflicts or problems with parenting is from a different section. However, financial difficulties come to many, and women start to remember or search for recipes that you can cook a cheap meal for each day. To feed my family constantly empty the noodles or buckwheat porridge mind, and the household sooner or later will revolt. So our article is for those who are temporarily deprived of the opportunity to purchase diverse and high-value products, and peace and good spirits in the house appreciates and wants to preserve.

The basic rules of saving

Those people who still remember their turbulent College years (especially if they were held in a dormitory), you know, how to save money.

So, before you start collecting frugal recipes, revise your schedule purchases. It has long been observed that those who purchase groceries on the way home from work, spends money much more than someone who does it once a week. People who had bee resupplying at random, spending more (and often unnecessary) than strictly following the list.

And finally, shop close to home will ruin you more than the supermarket. So if you are interested in economical kitchen every day, start with making a list of what is needed. Do not pass up a trip to vychodniho shopping. And in any case don’t be offended by anything that is not included in the list.

Savings on meat

Without meat, most people do not easy. However, and to expend the same pork. Economical meat dishes every day involve the use of the purchased piece in several dishes. For example, chicken wings or chicken legs are boiled, the broth is the soup, and they get roasted in the second or cut into a salad. The slice of pork it is better not to let the chops – tasty, but at the same time.

There are simple recipes for every day, which meals will be much bigger: to make the stuffing, and out of it – burgers. Even better – the meatballs: mix with rice, their number will double. And an ideal variant – to stick with the dumplings themselves.

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