9 side effects healthy products

We are accustomed to the fact that to any medicines, even simple vitamins, is attached annotation, which indicates not only the principle of action and dosage, and possible side effects. With normal food as well, only they say this is not ready and no instructions.
We are all individual and need a more comprehensive approach to nutrition. We are looking for information about what products to emphasize, if we have chronic fatigue or lack of sleep, hair fall out or exfoliate the nails. While forgetting to specify the possible negative consequences that vegetables, fruit, nuts or dairy products.

1. Chocolate

Opens our list many of your favorite dark chocolate, about which much has been said of words. He is an excellent antioxidant, improves mood and strengthens the cardiovascular system. But there is one obvious side effect, particularly relevant for people with gastritis and hyperacidity: chocolate causes heartburn, so they should not get overly carried away.

2. Pine nuts

Pine nuts are a unique source of vitamins b and E and R. They are rich in micronutrients and minerals, especially iodine, phosphorus, copper and manganese. However, pine nuts often cause an unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth. This feeling can last from several hours to several days, so choose only fresh nuts and lightly cook them.

3. Asparagus

This product contains such a large amount of folic acid, which causes one significant problem gives a sharp urine odor. But don’t you worry and refuse to eat asparagus, just try this day to drink as much water as possible.

4. Garlic

An excellent means of preventing colds and cardiovascular disease, however garlic has a strong smell, which is definitely noticed by others, if in this day you eat it in its natural form or added to food in powder form. But still no need to give the garlic enough to expose it to heat treatment, i.e., bake or add to dish for stewing, and the smell will disappear.

5. Beets

Of course, the side effect of beet unnoticeable to others, but may indicate some health problems. We’re talking about the change in color of urine after eating it. This phenomenon occurs in approximately 10% of people and often indicates iron deficiency in the body. If, in addition, you experience chronic fatigue, consult your doctor and take necessary tests.

6. Carrots

Another useful vegetable that causes a very curious side effect is the carrot. We’re talking about changing the color of the skin, which may acquire an orange tint in the case of daily use. This effect does not happen at all and depends primarily on the individual characteristics of the organism. But don’t worry, just reduce the consumption of carrots and the problem will disappear.

7. Bean

Sure many have experienced the side effect of such healthy products, as beans or lentils. It comes to flatulence and gas. We do not encourage you to refuse from a bean, just reduce their daily consumption and not combine with other products, which have a similar effect on the gastro-intestinal tract.

8. Cabbage

Sometimes it happens that a positive feature of the product is negative. For example, cabbage, which are rich in fiber and dietary fiber. These elements help cleanse the intestines and improve peristalsis, but at the same time can cause serious disorder, so be careful and try not to eat cabbage before a long journey.

9. Red wine

Learn more about the benefits of wine, you can read in our review — it certainly is already indisputable and confirmed by various scientific studies. But in this perfect ointment was not without a spoon of tar. First, the wine — product high in calories, therefore can negatively affect your waistline in the case of regular consumption. And second, the extra glass of wine at night may not the best way affect the quality of your sleep.

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