10 most unusual dishes served at the restaurants in the world

Next time, dining in the restaurant and if you are going to complain about serves, is to take a deep breath and be glad that it’s a very strange delicacies. Not that they can’t be there, but to see in a restaurant menu their is quite strange. They can hardly be attributed to the Haute cuisine. However, many foodies go on a long trip just for them.

1. Sandwich with fried brains

This dish takes first place in our rating of the most unusual dishes. It is considered Indian, and the history of its leads from colonial times, when the Germans and the Dutch arrived in the distant country. For this delicious beef brains are used. Today in connection with the various diseases of cows, swine brains are replaced. As a regular sandwich, it is served with mustard, ketchup, onions and pickles.

2. Oysters of the Rocky mountains

Rocky mountain oysters, cowboy caviar. Yes. Here is one interesting name given the testicles of a calf in America. The testes of the bull was removed, soaked in water, then washed and cleaned, rolled in spices and fried. According to connoisseurs, the testicles of young bulls is a tasty delicacy and he who will not try this miracle at least once in their life, will lose very much. To think about their food need to get used to, but, actually, they are not much different from other meat parts of a bull. Indeed, in taste they resemble beef kidney, only without the additional smells and considerably softer.

3. Hash (beef brain, head and stomach)

This traditional dish of the Middle East enjoy the rich in winter. Stomach stuffed with brains and edible parts of the head. It all boiled into a thick with a terrible smell of broth. Then spices are added in large amounts: pepper, lemon, salt, garlic and local spices. Often in soup dried lavash is added before serving. Khash is either eaten as a main dish, or combined with fresh greens, cucumber, cheese and/or pepperoni. You should not eat it as an everyday dish, it is better to coincide with delicacy to any occasion.

4. Fried tarantula (A-Ping)

Let’s start with the fact that a-ping – a kind of poisonous tarantulas. Eat them, having gone to the small market town of Skuon. Thanks to a-ping, he is known almost all over Cambodia. However, the dish is considered a delicacy. This ordinary traditional Cambodian street food that has become popular since the 1960s, when the Khmer Rouge rebelled in Cambodia, which led to food shortages. Spider rolled in sugar and salt and fried in garlic butter until crisp. The most delicious part of the spider is the abdomen with a brown paste of excrement and other organs.

5. Veal tripe with tripe and seasonings
The national dish of Scotland a Haggis with the offal and seasoning actually is considered to be sausage, but the ingredients can be shocking. This huge sausage round similar to the usual saltisons, include lamb lungs, heart, liver, mixed with oatmeal and lots of spices. All the ingredients are placed in a sheep’s stomach and scald. Gathered to enjoy the Haggis at a Scottish restaurant, you need to be ready for the pomp and pomposity. It is sometimes portrayed accompanied by bagpipes. It is customary to wash it down with a glass of whisky.

6. Fish Yin and Yang (Ying-Yang Fish)

Fish Yin and Yang, also known as dead or live fish, is prepared as follows: a live carp fry quickly in oil, but at the same time support him alive so when he came to the plate, he was still breathing. This dish is the most controversial on our list, because many condemn the practice as unnecessary cruelty. When the fish is on the plate, the customer can enjoy the meat, watching as the fish opens and closes his mouth, gasping for air. Currently it is very difficult to find a restaurant which would be filed this is a rare dish. It is forbidden in restaurants in Taiwan, though some unscrupulous institutions in China still include fish Yin-Yang in their menu.

7. Eyeballs tuna

The dish definitely disgusting to watch. While the other dishes in the review a little hide nasty ingredients, this delicacy is a fully intact eyeballs of tuna. Of course, it is not intended for people with weak stomachs. In any grocery store in China or Japan, you can easily find the necessary ingredients for home cooking. If caught huge eyeball is surrounded by fat and muscles, this is what you need.In restaurants the dish is prepared by cooking whole and add to it different seasonings. Fans of the eyeballs brejo their delicate taste and compare in texture and taste to squid.

8. “Ant caviar Escamoles” (Escamole Insect Caviar)

This supposedly tasty dish is one of the main points of the menu in many Mexican restaurants. In fact, this is the larva of the ant, which is extracted from the roots of agave. The taste and texture of the delicacy, which is usually referred to as “the caviar of insects”, you can compare with cottage cheese. Although it was confusing, but you have to admit that it’s not so scary looking. Actually, the bright eggs of insects are very similar to pine nuts or white corn kernels. The taste must be pretty nice. They are described as having the texture of poppy seeds with a nutty aftertaste. This dish can be served in different ways – fried or as a garnish with omelets and tacos.

9. The bird’s nest soup (Birds Nest Soup)

The bird’s nest soup, a delicacy in Asia, is a socket sarangani, roasted whole (maybe, it might even be a bird and/or bird eggs) into a deep fryer. After roasting to a crisp, it was immersed in a chicken broth. The eating of this strange delicacy means that you swallow a fair amount of the bird’s saliva, which is used by salangane as a glue to bond its nest.

10. Drunken shrimp (Drunken Shrimp)

Chinese delicacy got to review, because it involves eating live shrimps! It is a freshwater shrimp, which are paralyzed with a mixture of alcoholic drinks, so they can easily be eaten alive. The dish can be found on restaurant menus across China. In fact, different regions of the country have their own unique recipes. While all of the original recipes involve the use of alcoholic beverage Baytszyu (Baijiu), some people first soak the shrimp in alcohol, and then cook them, unlike the filing on the table alive. Others boil the shrimp and then marinate them in alcohol. They say that they have boiled the taste, but with a rich flavor and stronger aftertaste.

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