10 exotic festive dishes.

For every person living in any part of the world, the cuisine of his country would be closer and clearer than the dishes of other countries. However, going to travel in another part of the world, most of us want to taste cuisine of other countries to experience the national culture of this place from experience. Traveling in Germany, people want to taste Bavarian sausages and beer, Italian restaurant often order a pizza or pasta and it will agree, familiar dishes for everyone, but what if you are driving, for example, in Cambodia, where you will be asked to eat fried grasshoppers? If you extreme or aspire to try everything in this life, we hasten to offer you 10 very specific dishes from around the world that most people will invoke a strong feeling of disgust.


Some have not even heard about this animal. This cloven-hoofed mainly valued for their wool, soft as cashmere. But not only can you buy the expensive sweater or warm socks made of wool of this representative of camelids. You can also eat it! The best that can be made from Alpaca steaks level of doneness medium rare. They are gentle as the best Wagyu beef. It is recommended to combine with a red from Bordeaux.



KAFU Marco

Larvae Huhu




Guinea pig

It turns out that it is possible even that may live in your apartment. I love Guinea pigs in the Andes of South America, mainly in Peru (and Colombia and Bolivia). Cook Guinea pigs mostly on an open fire, as game. To taste Guinea pig resembles a black hen. If only for the chicken rare Indonesian breed will have to pay $2500, a Guinea pig in a Peruvian restaurant would be much cheaper.


The zebras do not hunt, they are grown on special farms in the East African Serengeti ecosystem that stretches into Kenya and Tanzania. These Zebra differ from the wild, in fact, is a “striped horse”, as with a normal horse I like zebras more in common than their wild counterpart. Zebra meat is very lean and a bit tough, so instead of steak is better to eat Burger of zebras. In Kenya go to optional – Zebra Burger served in a London restaurant Archipelago. Burger to order Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa.

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